September 9, 2013

Charleston Recap

I took a great deal of shots while in Charleston. I won't bore you with all of them but enough to make you feel like you might have been there with us!
Me, Ashlee, Christine, Anna & Dusti during Brunch at The Warehouse.
The food was delicious and the place had a very industrial chic feel to it.
{Phot0: Celeste}
Ashlee excited to find a store with the same name as on her Tee
from her Dominican Mission Trip.
 A spectacular garden area we stumbled upon while walking the short long and humid walk to the Fort Sumter monument to purchase tickets and catch the ferry.
I live in Charlotte so I felt it only natural to take a picture. Plus I loved that the sign was bolted to the side of a brick building.

View of the ocean and a nearby island from Fort Sumter.
Christine and Dusti taking in the view, read enjoying the breeze.

One way I would like to see Charleston is on a blue bicycle just like the one above.
All the girls making our way through downtown Charleston.
A long boat ride back + exhaustion = photo shoot with these two lovelies.

Our final day was spend admiring this mouth dropping nature made beauty, known as

Out of all the pictures we all took on this trip this is the only one that contained all six of us.
Celeste, Christine, Ashlee, Me, Dusti and Anna


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