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March 31, 2014

Red Pineapple

A couple weekends ago I went to Florida for a weekend away. We started off our weekend with some shopping at the cutest little shop called Red Pineapple. It was the most adorable shop with beautiful dresses and fun/quirky gifts.

I mean that Treasure zip bag is super adorable!

I wanted every other dress I saw, so many of the printed totes and this Color Me Lucky flask. If you are in or around the St. Augustine area you must check this place out. Thanks to the staff for being so sweet and letting me snaps some shots while I roamed around.

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March 29, 2014


Let me start by saying that as you read this I am either a moving (most likely in the rain) or unpacking. Either way I am probably already over the whole process. Also this is a lengthy post about my thoughts....just a warning.
My roommate sent me the above quote a few weeks ago when I was having a rather rough day and for some reason it really resonated with me. I can admit that in high school I chased people. I chased friendships that were never going to make it. I chased relationships that weren’t going to happen. I did it all because I was so terrified of letting go, being alone and mainly because I thrived on relationships.
When I got into college I realized most of the friendships weren’t going to make it through my four years of college. I instead found new friends and made a pact with myself to never chase after someone. If they didn’t want to be in my life then why should I want them there? Note this is far easier to say that to actually do but I did my best.
Fast forward to now, I graduated college, weeded out the so/so friends, added a few more awesome ones to the list and now I couldn’t imagine my life without them. The only problem is I, without meaning to, went back to my old habits. I am chasing people but in a different way than normal. I chase the idea of being close to them. Secretly I am afraid that if I move too far away I will lose them and let me tell you I have some of the most amazing girlfriends ever. I chase the idea that if I don’t move things won’t completely change. While I thrive on change in some areas of my life there are others that if possible I would freeze forever. Problem is time doesn’t stop. More and more of my friends are getting married, starting their lives and continuing their story.
I realized when my roommate sent me that quote that I somehow made my dreams second to my friends. Don’t get me wrong my friends’ happiness, love and life are of the up most importance but not above my dreams and my happiness. I may lose a few more throughout the years but regardless of my location, job, marital status or anything else those friends would have left anyways. Besides I know who my true friends are. I know, that no matter where I decide I want to move to next or what new and crazy future plan I have for myself or none of the above, they will always support me and make to visit no matter where I end up in life.  

So now I start looking toward the future, which may call for a few drinks to be chased as well (the future is seriously scary and unknown). I have to make my dreams come true; no one else can do that for me. So while right now no changes are in the works, I think I need to quit looking at what it would be for everyone else and start thinking about what it would mean for me.
Does anyone else ever feel this way? Ever have that moment when you realize you can't live hoping things stay the same? If so, I would love to know I am not the only out there like this.


March 28, 2014

Friday Fancies

Pictures tell stories that we can't always put into words. When the subject is the love of your life words will never do this subject justice.

I am HUGE fan of Hallie's blog, if you haven't checked it out please do so. Her Love Letter...well if I were try to describe why I wanted to live in NYC to someone I couldn't have said it better than she did.

If you think you are busy, trying being a wife, mom to four adorable little ones and a clothing designer. The fact that Cori is still standing baffles me and to boot she looks cute gorgeous while doing all of the above is amazing. I am all about going after your dream and currently she has a Kickstarter program you should check out.

I am purchasing this perfect striped shirt, probably in three colors.

Speaking of stripes, I think this might the most comfortable/cute hoodie ever.


This seriously fabulous instagram account is worth a follow just after one glimpse at her feed.

I found my new favorite navy dress for summer.

Also a perforated, perfectly nude and ONE SALE this real life?

See a picture and like the color palette or not sure what color goes with what? Well Sherwin-Williams is here to help you with a cool new tool.

I am going to end this with a hysterical Clueless reenactment music video that is a must watch in my opinion.

Now think of me tomorrow as I pack and move a whopping three miles to a new apartment, with a new roommate and many new adventures.


March 27, 2014

Sunshine State

This past weekend I went to visit a friend in Florida. While I LOVE a good chilly day, my outfit inspiration is currently lacking in the layering department so it was nice to know I was headed for warmer temps.
Friday started off with Dani Lyn and Becky jumping on my bed and waking me up. After getting ready and taking the top off the Jeep we headed for St. Augustine for shopping and drinks.
It seriously looked like an old time village but with the most delicious smelling food and overly priced clothes. The locals call this place "credit card alley" and trust me plenty of tourists were helping it keep it's name.

Once we were over shopping, yes even I was over it, and headed for drinks. Obviously those drinks had to be accompanied by chips, salsa and guacamole. We stopped at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, which had a delicious margarita. Also it was either seriously loaded with some tequila or I am becoming a light weight. It's probably the latter, but either way it was scrumptious.

 This was our view from Acapulco. It was a little windy but gorgeous.

Excuse the blurriness this was on the front view camera of an iPhone so you can only ask so much. This was just a random one that came about as we are outside DL's house taking selfies. 


I posted this on Friday before we headed to dinner and can I just say that you guys know how to make a girl feel awesome.

Here is the full outfit and details:
Blazer: Gap (old),  similar | Blouse: Loft (old), similar  | Shorts: old, similiar | Belt: old, similar | Shoes: Michael Kors On Sale | Necklace: Anthropologie, Ebay | Wallet: Hobo

Here we are in Cheers, the classiest most interesting bar I've been too in a while. However we had a few too many drinks I mean laughs and a good time Wobbling like nobody's business. Oh and the pic of me looking like a statue...I didn't know that was taken but it was hilarious. This is me observing some rather horrible dancing done by two older folks. Do I need to say anymore?

Saturday we took it easy and ended up having a very low key afternoon and evening. We grabbed a late lunch and then DL and I went to see the new Veronica Mars movie. I LOVED IT! I am a huge VM fan so this was my teenage dream come true.

After VM and dinner, we went to Wal Mart in search of Just Wright. I happen to score a few DVDs on sale. Judge all you want but MK & Ashley are two of my favorites and I don't know what girl wouldn't want Sex and the City Movies 1 AND 2 for FIVE DOLLARS!

Sunday we woke up, got ready for brunch at Casa Marina and then headed to Jacksonville Beach. Two of my friends Jerry and Thomas join us and we feast and I mean feast on an array of mouth watering food. Afterward I go and hang out with some of Jerry friends and then Thomas and I head back to Charlotte.

It was a seriously delightful weekend. A weekend filled with so many fun memories and a ton of laughs. A weekend like this refills the soul and just re-energizes you. I didn't realize how much I needed this until Sunday when I was just content with life.



March 21, 2014

Friday Fancies

As you read this I am happily sitting in Florida, maybe on a beach if it isn't too early with one of the best ladies I know, Dani-Lyn. So while I soak up some needed color to my ghostly white legs, you enjoy these finds from the internet this week.
Whoever said chivalry was dead clearly didn't know this guy existed. Real or not, someone wrote a beautiful letter and more men need to adopt this way of thinking.
I've thought about what I wish guys understand more about women and this pretty much nails some of my top thoughts.
When one of my favorite brands takes nude and gold and combines with a simple low wedge, I basically got into "must have this" mode. I mean could a shoe be more simple and perfect.


March 19, 2014

Kentucky Derby, Charlotte Style

Let's talk about the Kentucky Derby. The hats, dresses, shoes and the status. It all seems like so much fun. So let's take a look at what the Kentucky Derby fashion scene is all about

{all images}.
Personally my favorite is Krysten Ritter's floral and lace trimmed dress. Her hat is just big enough and nice compliment to the dress itself and the darker navy shoes.

So after looking at all these beautiful hats and dresses, I need help deciding what to wear to Queens Cup her in Charlotte. Our lovely version of the Kentucky Derby. My work purchased a tent, will provide food and beverages and of course always a good time. So since I already have a tulle skirt and try to wear it every chance I get here a few options I was thinking about for Queens Cup.

skirt | blouse | earrings | wedges

I am fan of blushes and neutrals, especially for the Spring so that top just speaks to me. Those earrings are a bit out of my normal routine. I am a studs kind of girl but LOVE a good statement necklace. However with the floral going on I know it best to avoid a necklace with this ensemble. The next look is quite similar, let's be honest almost identical. What can I say? I know what I like.

skirt | blouse | earrings | wedges

So what are your thoughts? Probably that I am ridiculous and basically just need to pick a shirt and get over myself? Well I might, but I like opinions too.

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March 14, 2014

Friday Fancies

It is officially Friday and I more than overjoyed at the fact that I have the rainy weekend to look forward to. Why might you ask, well because I have to pack up my life seeing as how I am moving in two weeks. I, of course, planned a trip next weekend that takes that out of the packing plan so I will enjoy the need to be inside and pack myself into an organized stupor.

Anyways this week's internet search has landed me some awesome finds and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
I don't know about you, but this little girl's willingness to help others gives me such faith in the next generation.
Although this video makes me worry the next generation is never going to have the right idea about what natural beauty is. I was even in shock at what Photoshop could do.
I am a firm believe rin kisses. I think there is something so intimate and special about them and while I never imagined strangers kissing would be beautiful and heart warming I learned differently after this perfect story.
This weekend might call for a yummy new recipe and I think I found just the one to whip up.
I have every desire in the world to add a pink moto jacket to my wardrobe thinks to the ever stylish Blair.
With Spring around the corner, I am gearing up for a new palette of colors and this gorgeous mani is top on my list to try.

Also can we talk about how SJP is on top of her shoe game, but I never doubted she wouldn't be. I have plans a little farther into the future to add one pair to my ever growing shoe collection.

Speaking of SJP, check out her stunning brownstone and answers to 73 random questions.

My gorgeous and sweet friend Sarah, FINALLY opened up an Etsy shop and she is selling her art. Trust me you want a piece of her work hanging in your house/studio/office, whatever. Anyways check her site out and watch her collection grow.

Last but certainly not least, is this awesome adventure, I am going on in April with work. A coworker of mine was kind of enough to invite along on our work's mission trip to Dominican Republic. I am excited to go and already prepared to never want to leave.