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April 29, 2014

Dominican Trip Part 1

My first trip out of the country via an airplane meant my first stamp in my passport and I literally squealed with excitement when they stamped my passport. I also may or may not have gotten a funny look or two when this all went down.

I decided on my converse for flight wear. Comfortable and my feet won't freeze.

We arrived Tuesday night in Santo Domingo. JP (John Pierre) who is head of By Grace Alone Ministries and the one in charge of Fuente de Vida picked us up and took us to a local joint for dinner, Barra Payan.

 A delicious Barra Especial without mayo. It was chicken, ham and turkey with tomato and cheese and it was delicious. Also minimal English is spoken in this part of the DR, so we were grateful for John Pierre's excellent Spanish.

I will never get this fruit juice this fresh here in the US. I'm currently craving a Passion Fruit juice as I sit here and type this. Man it was so delicious.


John Pierre, Abby, myself and JP before leaving Barra Payan and heading to our house for the night.
Walking to breakfast at Pastor Mario's house. His wife and ladies of the church made a feast for us EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.
 Instead of selling land and such people just abandon their lots for other locations. Real estate is not a booming market down here. Mario showed us around the area he lived and all the animals and fruits he has in his back yard.

Abby didn't have the best of the luck holding the chicken and she may or may not kill me for posting this picture. Love you Abby! :)

JP did a better job with the chickens.



No worries, just using a machete to chop off the top of a coconut.

I will be the first to say I am no fan of coconut water you buy in the grocery store here in the states, but give me a fresh coconut just picked from the tree and I am down to drink the whole thing.
Next we headed to future site of Fuente de Vida. On the way there I learned that driving in the US is relaxing in comparison to how they drive in the DR.

An old shack on the land that they will probably use as a house for John Pierre to stay in one they have permits in line.

JP said something funny, I love laughing (non-posed) pictures, they just show so much about someone.

We decided that day we would get up early on Thursday morning and hike to the top of the mountain. John Pierre wanted to see the top and scout out a place for a gazebo in the future.  

Stopping for water and more information on the surrounding communities Fuente de Vida hopes to reach.
Still more to come from our adventures on day one but for now I will leave you with this pictures.

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April 11, 2014

Friday Fancies

My wanderlust got kicked up a notch after seeing some of the most beautiful and unusual hotels around the world.
A picture is a worth a thousand words, except this group might be worth so many more.
I can only attest to a few of these but boy was the map spot on.
Anything in a pink/gold combo and I am hooked plus the colors are perfect for a Spring Mani.
This little cutie took over one of my favorites blog the other day and it was adorable.
I am thinking of trying out a crossfit class and found this article to be helpful.
Everyone needs a good pair of navy shorts...I picked up my second pair this past week.
My grandma, mom and little sister are coming to visit me this weekend and help with a project or two (which may or may not end up on this little blog). They also plan to help me pack for my trip which I leave for in ........


April 7, 2014

Italian Dream Home

I am fan lover of wine and I have always dreamed of living in Italy. Perhaps somewhere outside of Tuscany with scenic views and land surrounding me. I want ornate décor and intricate details. An entrance that stands out and leaves and impression. A bark yard that rivals those of the best landscape architects. A closet that would make Mariah Carey envious and a bathtub that would make even the faintest of bath takers melt into a sublime happiness. Well folks I think I found that house.... 

Vaulted ceilings, stunning light fixtures, arches that frame a break-taking view and all of that natural light.
The beams on the ceiling, the fireplace and the décor are enough to make one swoon, let alone the views you get admire.

Imagine the meals you could whip up, the laughter to be had at the table and the beauty that surrounds you while doing it all.
Imagine a long day of work and chores. What better way to end it than in this marble tub with a class of wine and Vogue. I imagine this bath tub works miracles on long, exhausting days.
This is the location where you sit with your closest friends, drinking one too many bottles of wine, sharing the past memories made, thinking up new ones to make, laughing at nothing and everything and staying up until the wee hours of the morning. This is where moments like that are captured.

Do you all dream of owning a home in a foreign country? If so where? What would it look like?


April 4, 2014

Friday Fancies

I am sucker for a sweet love story and even more beautiful is they got married where they met, which is a gorgeous olive grove.
Couldn't have said these words better myself.

The fact that a teenager came up with this is amazing, the fact that our government hasn't thought of it already (baffling).
This is on the menu for dinner sometime next week.
I am going to be sweating it out here tomorrow at 8:30am. If you haven't taken a class....DO IT!
I leave in exactly eleven days for a little work and a little play at this slice of heaven!
I scooped up a pair of these beauties the other day and let me tell you they are so comfortable.
Helena can seriously rock any look and be stunning. This denim on denim is amazing.
I am on the hunt for the perfect blush colored bag. This RM is high on the list right now.
I am not sure where this place is but I would appreciate my future home to have a kitchen window that opens up to a deck bar.
I hope you all have a seriously wonderful weekend!