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October 29, 2013

Sunday Holiday

This Sunday is a pretty special day folks. Any ideas what it could be??

It is my birthday! I am still in the stage where I love to celebrate turning another year older and hopefully wiser. Get back to me on my 30th I may have changed my mind about that, but until then I celebrate and let my friends everyone know my birthday is on the horizon.

Below are just a few items on my current wish list. Now I have potential wish list and never gonna happen wish lists. Most of the items fall on the later but a girl can dream right?

Birthday Wish List

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
I mean can we please just talk about that Cobalt blue midi skirt from ASOS...I swoon.
What are you wishing after for your birthday or the upcoming Holidays?


October 28, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

I really do feel like sometimes I blink and my weekend is gone. Do you ever feel like that? I had zero plans as of 6:30 pm (when I left work on Friday) but don't fret I found some. Something to know about me is I dislike loathe doing nothing most of the time. I start my weekend saying. "I'm just going to relax this weekend and not do anything." Then around 8 or 9 on Friday I am itching to do something.

This weekend was no different. It involved Bad Grandpa, Common Market (running into old flames), hair appointment, getting my friends ready for Halloween, house party, All American Pub, some DVR, Disc Golf and Hocus Pocus (SJP pre Carrie Bradshaw).

I am not one to turn down a movie invitation so after a failed first attempt to see Bad Grandpa, we finally found a theater with enough seats and I laughed a lot. Now Johnny Knoxville isn't always my cup of tea but the kid in this movie MAKES it for me. It was seriously funny and worth a watch (maybe RedBox style). After movies we headed to Common Market, which is a local place, within walking distance from my apt and where I constantly run into this guy I have ZERO desire to see. You are probably asking "Well then why do you?". Well I go because I refuse to stop just because of him, enter stubbornness at it's best. It was a fun night with great friends.
Saturday started off with brunch and then getting my hair done. The last time I stepped into a hair salon was February....YIKES! After hair I got two of my friends, Devon and Jen, ready for Halloween. Devon was a zebra and her costume was UH-Mazing! Jen was a Greek goddess and she looked gorgeous! Proof in the picture below.

After getting them ready I went home to "relax" read I got in my comfy clothes, glasses on, hair up in a mess and planned to do nothing. A phone call and a few persuasive words later I am headed to a house party and then All-American. I wasn't kidding when I said I don't relax well. :)
This is apparently the only face I know how to make in pictures these days...geez!
Sunday I watched lots of DVR, played disc golf (horribly) with Lynae and Thomas and spent the rest of it making dinner and watching First Daughter and Hocus Pocus. I always forget SJP is in it and she always takes me by surprise...pre Carrie Bradshaw days!


October 24, 2013

Unintentional Twins


Have you ever walked into work only to realize you dressed exactly like your boss or a co-worker? Depending on the person you either laughed it off or immediately hid under your desk. Well this happened to me yesterday and luckily it was my boss, Abby who I love, so it wasn't so bad. We had to snap a few photos and since I didn't have my nice camera we used an iPhone (so forgive the quality).
Abby: Jacket (similar) | Top (similar) | Skirt (similar) | Tights | Shoes

 Both rocking the gold heel. We both agree the shoes are both fun and SUPER comfortable. I mean I could literally walk around in mine all day.
A funny blooper from yesterday to end with. Mainly because this is what 80% of my pictures look like. Every now and then I get lucky with a good one so I have to take 3X the normal amount to get a few good ones.


October 16, 2013

Travel Bug

You wanna know a secret? If you ever talk to me two of the things you will learn quickly is that I love fashion and I want to see the world. The secret you might not find out, I am not as traveled as I come off. Below are some places I dream of seeing in my lifetime.

 St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. I mean look at those colors, who wouldn't want to see this place and experience Moscow (maybe just me)!

 Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have a serious love for the Asian Continent. I would love to spend weeks months exploring the countries there.

Igloo Village at Hotel Kakslautanen. I LOVE cold weather. I will happily trade in my four seasons here in the south for two seasons year round of fall and winter. I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights and you can from these igloos located in Finland.
Photos: 1|2|3

Where have I actually traveled you ask. Well I've only the left US to go the Caribbean and Mexico via a cruise ship and a few trips to Toronto for work and Niagara Falls for family fun. The farthest west I have ever been is Nashville, TN. I have covered the eastern seaboard a good bit, as evidenced below.
A cold trip to Boston led to laughs, memories and so much fun. These ladies made this trip and we still talk about it. Which is why we need to plan another one. Am I right Dani, Anna, Christine?

A wonderful trip to NYC, my favorite city to date, with T and other good friends. It was a fun few days of sight seeing, shopping, food and friends. A trip I will never forget and a trip that ended with me purchasing my first pair of these amazing flats. 

A late night/early morning drive to Virginia Beach to visit Dani Lyn was so much fun and exhausting. Sleep was overrated, Skip and Go Naked was underrated and the memories were perfect. Plus we ate at HK on the Bay, which has the most incredible Seafood Macaroni.

Last is my trip to Washington, DC with my little sister B and her ninth grade class as a chaperone. Who thought I was qualified is beyond me, but it was a blast and I learned so much, soaked up some US History, that may or may not have been forgotten since first learning in middle school. 
I have always wanted to go places everywhere really but I started to realize I've put my love of fashion above my love of travel. Not to say this is a bad thing but I won't have memories from spending $200 on a pair of shoes or $500 on a purse but I will have memories from spending $700 on a plane ticket to Europe.
So this long blog post is  basically to say my priorities might be realigning. Does this mean I don't want or won't sometimes buy those shoes or purse? No, I definitely do and will, but I want to live outside the here and now satisfaction and live for the future satisfaction and the lasting changes traveling will hopefully have on me.

So tell me where you want to travel or places you want to revisit?

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October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans

Lynae, Jen and I spent part of our Saturday at Hodges Farm to pick out pumpkins. They wanted to carve them, me on the other hand I planned to glitter them. 

They let you price your own pumpkins, but give you the scale above to go by. 

Meet my lovely friend Jen. I said smile and she gives me this. 

They had old school Red Flyer Wagons you could grab and wheel your pumpkins up.

This is my fabulous roommate Lynae. She is ready to get some pumpkins. 

That's right, I voluntarily stood beside this girl in her Florida jersey. It took a lot for this Georgia girl and alumni but I like her enough. 

Cardigan: J.Crew | Top: Loft | Leggings: David Lerner | Boots: Lucky Brand (old, this years version) | Necklace: Ebay (this shop owner)

If you want leggings that keep their shape and are super comfy look no further than these David Lerner leggings. They are a little on the splurge side, mine were a gift from one of my good friends, but they are totally worth every penny. I plan to snag these in black on black or these in navy up next. 

Clearly something was really funny. It kind of looks like a staged picture, at least to me, but I really was laughing. 


October 10, 2013


I know I said I would get back to my Try it First Thursdays but that just didn't happen this week. I've left work post sunset for the last few weeks which makes taking pictures rather difficult to put it lightly. I do promise I have some fun plans this weekend and will return to my regular scheduled life next week, I think! For now I leave you with some throw back pictures of some of my favorites and why I love them so.

Anna & I in Boston on our last day eating at Cheers. Apparently something was hilarious! This girl helped me survive my last year of golf and is one of my absolute favorites!

Dani-lyn & I before at one of our best friends wedding rehearsal dinners! Adore this one!

Graduation Day! 4 1/2 years, two degrees and a smile that was super happy to be DONE!

Moving day to Charlotte! I was so excited and beyond nervous. I also was on crutches due to a tow truck totaling my car two days prior.

Nashville for my 25th birthday! These are three of my bests. They have literally gotten me through more of life than I have time to tell you about. 

This is my sister Brooke. This one was a surprise love! I was an only child for 10 years then she came along. To say that I was unhappy would be an understatement, but now I couldn't my life without her. She is my sister and my best friend (cheesy I know).

Oh Broad St. That street holds many memories, some I would share and others I will let it keep. Downtown Athens is an experience everyone deserves to get one time at least.
 YHC days with SB! My first two years of college allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and this girl is definitely one of them.

Met this girl when I moved to Young Harris in the sixth grade. Little did I know that a few years later in the ninth grade she would become a good friend and now my best. We have been through a lot and now laugh at it all. She is a constant and I am happy to have her in my life.
Almost a year ago this photo was taken at her wedding! I met Christine when our schools played each other in golf, you read that right, we tear up those greens! She quickly became a good friend and over the years, despite the distance has become someone I couldn't imagine not having in my life.

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October 8, 2013

Classic Black + a Twist

If there is one thing I love shopping for everyday all day that would be shoes. I do come by my love for shoes honestly, my mom and my grandma both love shoes too.
 My problem stems from buying shoes for special occasions and not being able to wear them to work or out and about. Well I finally purchased two pairs of shoes this past weekend that work for both special occasions but I can also wear to work.
The pair I bought to wear this weekend to a rehearsal dinner with a black lace dress I have worn a few several times. I loved the gold accent heel and that they were comfortable enough to wear to work. I was almost ready to check out when I spotted these beauties below......
I am finally jumping on the heeled ankle bootie bandwagon. I know, I am REALLY late on this but I always thought my legs just weren't constructed for these. Well then I had a lightbulb moment and thought who cares if my legs were constructed for ankle booties I love these and I am wearing them. I ended up in these loves to add a little toughness to my all lace black dress.
Below are a few more ankle booties I would like to add to my collection of shoes.
Perfect classic brown leather bootie with a small heel.

This bootie couldn't get any better if it tried. You can never go wrong with suede and when you add this gorgeous teal color it just becomes the best night out bootie. The slit down the front can help with not making your legs look cut off when you wear these with skinny jeans.

Last year was the year of the brown ankle bootie, mark my words, this year it will be about the black ankle bootie. If it isn't, this girl still will be, I love this boot and I love BP. shoes. My recommendation would be to size up at least 1/2 a size and these tend to run a wee bit small.

This is the boot I look at and think I could never wear them, but somewhere inside a little part of me screams, DO IT ANYWAYS. Definitely a boot I want to give a go with, but I want to pair with a very classic/prep look to add some badassness (its a word to me) to the outfit.


October 1, 2013

My Weekend in Jacksonville

As I mentioned I was in Jacksonville for a beautiful friend of mine's bachelorette party.

 Our first attempt at going to the beach left us with rain, so we decided lunch was our next option. We hit up Salt Life Food Shack and boy did it not disappoint. The chicken tacos + guacamole were on point and delicious.
Our second attempt at the beach ended up with wind so gusty we have no desire to sit on the beach and get pelleted with sand so instead we found a restaurant with drinks and food, the later being of no importance to us and continued to celebrate. We also found this cute turtle that Anna just had to have her picture taken with.

After dinner on Friday, that was a hilarious disaster, we came back and had Celeste's lingerie shower, which may or may not have involved Fireball. We then decided it was group picture time, but after an attempt or two in this direction we had to switch, lighting issues an all. 

We finally scored a good picture of all of us. So let me introduct you to the lovely group of ladies I spent my long weekend with. Me, Dusti, Anna, Cori, Christine, Celeste (the bride) and Dani Lyn (who makes us all look pale)!

What is a bachelorette party without a random and ridiculous funny picture of the group? A boring bachelorette party, that's what it is. 

Oh Christine, the amazing baker and DD for the weekend. This little concoction was brownies topped with chocolate chip cookies. And since I happily helped myself to more than one serving I will be hitting up power hour at Flywheel Charlotte this week.

Leroy was the only guy allowed at the bachelorette party this weekend. Shawn, Dani Lyn's husband, was out of the house for the weekend but we did leave him some brownie/cookie slices as a thank you for letting us stay at the house.
Overall the weekend was great and I am so glad I got to celebrate such a wonderful friend of mine's upcoming big day. I have plenty of pictures but they aren't internet approved, I think you catch my drift.

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